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Your donation will help us help cats in need

Give love and save a cat

Valentine's Day is around the corner. Your family is waiting for that special gift, right? But are they done with chocolate for a while? Are they willing to wait for flowers until your garden blooms?

Our way of giving love is volunteering. You can make our work easier by making a donation so we can keep paying the veterinary bills for all the cats in need or spay, neuter and emergency veterinary care.

Eddie and Freddie, almost 2 years old had never been away from each other. We were so lucky to find them a foster home where they could stay together, at least for a while. Sadly, we quickly discovered that these adorable boys had severe gum disease. Some teeth were obviously going to be lost. We knew that would mean lengthy treatments and high vet bills. AND it would also be harder finding them permanent homes. But this is where the story changes.

After 3 weeks of antibiotics (twice daily - not an easy task), Eddie and Freddie were loving their foster moma more than ever. And she was in love with them. For this Valentine's Day, Eddie and Freddie have had their dental surgeries AND they have been adopted by Lisa. It's a true love story.

Make a donation today in honor of someone you love, whether it's a cat, dog or human, or all of the above and we promise to make that gift a true love story.


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